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If you have any questions about CUWiP 2019 at UCSB, please contact us in one of the following ways. We look forward to seeing you!


Phone: 805-893-4694

Address:  CUWiP
                Department of Physics
                Broida Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara
                Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530

Who are we?

The local organizing committee at UCSB are undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff in the Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Materials Science departments at the University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as at Microsoft Station Q, the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, and the Las Cumbres Observatory. We have donated our time and effort to plan and run the CUWiP conference, and are all dedicated to encouraging young women to pursue careers in physics and related fields. 


Prof. Sathya Guruswamy (Co-Chair)

Sathya is a teaching faculty (Lecturer SOE) at the Department of Physics and at the College of Creative Studies at UCSB. She is a theoretical physicist with a research background in both high energy physics and condensed matter physics. Her current focus is undergraduate physics education which includes teaching, innovations in teaching, curriculum development and mentoring undergraduate students!

Shankari Rajagopal (Co-Chair)

Shankari is a seventh year AMO experimentalist graduate student in the Weld lab. She works on quantum simulation, studying dynamics of strontium Bose-Einstein condensates to better understand the behavior of electrons in solids.

Gabrielle Abraham

Haley Bowden

Haley Bowden is a third year undergraduate physics student at UCSB. She is interested in astrophysics and her current research is in unusual galaxies.

Cora Fujiwara

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Brianna Grado-White

Brianna Grado-White is a fourth year graduate student. She studies quantum gravity, including questions about black holes and their entropy, holography, and traversable wormholes.

Takako Hirokawa

Takako is a graduate student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept, but she did her undergraduate degrees in Engineering Physics and Applied Math. She is currently in a field called silicon photonics; that is, she designs devices in silicon to manipulate light!

Prof. Andrew Jayich

Professor Jayich is an AMO experimentalist with a focus on precision measurement and quantum information with atomic and molecular ions.

Christina Knapp

Christina is a sixth year graduate student in condensed matter theory. She studies topological phases of matter and topological quantum computing.

Isabel Lipartito

Isabel is a fourth-year astrophysics graduate student working on developing high-precision cameras for exoplanet direct imaging. She is enthusiastic about science communication and public outreach.

Chantal Nguyen

Chantal is a graduate student at UCSB studying complex systems and her favorite baked good is the cinnamon roll.

Melissa Quinnan

Amalu Shimamura

Amalu is an undergraduate student from Japan; she started out at a community college in Santa Barbara, and transferred to UCSB last fall.


Quinn Simmons

Quinn is a second-year graduate student in atomic physics at UC Santa Barbara. He left high school after sophomore year, opting instead to attend Diablo Valley College before transferring to UC Berkeley. He took two gap years, during which time he pursued treatment for a chronic medical condition. Determined to return to academia, he applied to graduate school and in July 2017, joined the Weld Lab at UCSB.


Sarah Steiger

Sarah is a second year graduate student working on instrumentation for exoplanet direct imaging. In her free time, she loves going on adventures including camping, climbing, hiking, and running.

Alex Walter

Alex is a traveling astrophysicist looking for new planets. He enjoys almond cookies and the sun.

Wayne Weng

Molly Wolfson

Molly is a first year graduate student at UCSB pursuing astrophysics research. She wanted to help organize CUWiP this year because she had such a great time attending as a third year undergraduate student.

Lia Yeh

Lia is a 3rd year undergraduate at UCSB majoring in Computing and Physics in the College of Creative Studies. She enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and promoting diversity in stem.